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Prepare yourself for a healthy body and mind during your pregnancy by creating a personalized pregnancy wellness plan.

Becoming pregnant is a perfect time to revisit and rethink your physical and mental health habits. Now that you’re eating, sleeping and thinking for two, it’s important to check in and ensure you’re creating healthy habits that nourish you and your baby.

During this class, you’ll learn how to build the best habits for your mind, body and soul during pregnancy – and even after your baby arrives! We’ll cover topics like:

* How to keep your body nourished with nutrient-dense foods (that don’t skimp on taste!)

* How to be physically active in a way that is fun for you and safe for your baby

* How to develop healthy nighttime habits that promote good sleep patterns

* How to build mental health habits that help combat stress and anxiety

Plus, you’ll leave the class with a personalized action plan to focus on your wellness goals!