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Same and next-day appointments are available at our Smyrna practice! Book online today or call (629) 206-6858 for full availability.

Imagine a women’s healthcare practice where your concerns are heard, your preferences are respected, and the whole you  is cared for. Welcome to Diana Health!

A Care Model Designed Around You

Your comprehensive and collaborative care team will help you create a personalized care plan that accounts for your physical, mental, and social well-being.

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Every woman is different … and so is her care.

This is about you. All of you. We know that your needs change as your life evolves. We offer a full range of services to meet your healthcare needs across all stages of your life. No matter where you are on your personal health journey, we’ll work together, with you, to create a personalized care plan that addresses your medical needs, personal preferences and health goals.

Obstetrics & Pregnancy2022-08-09T14:18:01-05:00

Better maternity care is at the heart of what we do. Our care team will be by your side and will support you through all of the ups and downs of pregnancy and the postpartum period, helping you to navigate your experience with confidence.

Gynecologic Care2023-02-02T09:51:17-06:00

Experiencing irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, or an infection? We’ll work with you to discover the root cause and provide a treatment plan, even for difficult-to-manage conditions like PCOS, fibroids, or menopause.

Well Woman Care2022-12-15T16:24:53-06:00

More than just a Pap test, your annual Well Woman Visit sets you up for ongoing and open conversations with your Care Team to ensure that the whole you is being cared for, every step of the way.

Preconception & Family Planning2022-08-09T14:20:17-05:00

We work directly with you to focus on goal setting and planning for a family. Your integrated care team focuses on your whole health, considering both physical and lifestyle factors to optimize your body for fertility.

Mental Health2022-08-09T14:18:23-05:00

Our compassionate and experienced mental health specialists know that your emotional health is a key component to your overall health and well-being. Your therapist will work collaboratively with your providers to continue to build upon your personal care plan.

Wellness Coaching2022-08-09T14:17:20-05:00

We are committed to supporting you in becoming your best self, throughout any and all of life’s stages. Your wellness coach will help you (and your family) build a lifetime of healthy habits by establishing wellness goals, creating your personalized wellness plan, and connecting you to relevant resources and community support.

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