Frequently Asked Questions

Will Diana Health providers honor my birth plan?2021-12-07T23:42:56-06:00

At Diana Health, we encourage birth planning and will spend time going through all of your preferences as you prepare for birth. We take great joy in ensuring that your specific needs will be considered, and we will honor what matters most to you.

I had a previous c-section, do you offer the option for VBAC?2021-12-07T23:43:03-06:00

Yes! We will discuss your personal story and medical history, outline what you need to know, and support your journey to achieve a vaginal birth after cesarean.

Can I take classes at Diana Health?2021-12-07T23:43:09-06:00

Diana Health offers a full range of classes for birthing families! We have classes for pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn care, and much more.

I already have an OBGYN, can I still work with Diana Health?2021-12-07T23:43:16-06:00

Yes! Many people believe that they have to stay with an OB provider because you started there, but it’s easy to switch and many people do in order to find the right fit for their family. We can assist you with getting your prenatal labs and records transferred if you choose to join us.

How many people can I bring with me to appointments?2021-12-07T23:43:24-06:00

Having a baby is a family event, we encourage you to bring your birth team members to your visits. (i.e., no limit!)

What types of pain management do you offer?2021-12-07T23:43:31-06:00

We offer continuous labor support with the option for hydrotherapy, IV medications, nitrous gas, epidural anesthesia, and many more comfort interventions. Your care team will share and speak with you about location-specific services.

Are specialty services covered by insurance?2021-12-07T23:43:38-06:00

For appointments outside of clinical care such as mental health coaching, nutrition coaching, lactation consultations, the cost of these will depend on your specific insurance plan. You can also pay out-of-pocket, a care navigator can help you estimate these costs.

Do you do well woman visits?2021-12-07T23:43:44-06:00

Yes! Our doctors and midwives provide comprehensive well women care, including pap tests, breast exams, and cancer screening. You’ll work with your care team to create your own wellness plan, informed by your unique history, preferences, and goals.

What is a midwife (CNM)?2021-12-07T23:43:50-06:00

A Certified Nurse Midwife or CNM is a nurse practitioner trained to provide pregnancy, birth, and well-woman care. A CNM is an expert in labor support and focuses on helping families having a connected and empowered birth experience.

Does Diana Health accept insurance?2022-02-23T20:47:15-06:00

Yes, we accept most major insurance plans. Please check your specific location page to get the most up-to-date list. If you don’t see your plan listed or have any questions please contact your location and a care navigator will help you understand your benefits. We are here to help you estimate costs and help you develop a financial plan, email us at info@diana.health.

What is the difference between Diana Health and a regular OBs office?2021-12-07T23:44:02-06:00

Our personalized, wellness-focused care program puts women at the center of decision-making and empowers them with the information and support they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. We are going beyond the traditional approach to healthcare through smart technology, collaborative teams and a thoughtfully designed experience that is better for both women and clinicians. We will treat the whole you. 

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