Yes! If you have a treatment plan recommendation from your midwife or doctor, you can work with your wellness coach to help implement the lifestyle changes and troubleshoot barriers/ obstacles that inevitably arise along the way. At Diana Health, we have a shared medical record where we can offer seamless, integrated care for you. 

Before the visit, you’ll receive a short Well-being assessment where you can reflect on your health holistically and identify an area you’d like to focus on. You’ll also be sent a Coaching Agreement to review which outlines your role and the coach’s role in this partnership.

Often times, coaching can begin with a mindfulness activity to help calm the nervous system and open up creative parts of our brain. You can work with your coach to integrate mind-body skills, guided imagery, etc. if these tools are helpful to your health and healing.

During the session, we will: 

  • Discover what well-being means to you
  • Co-create a Wellness Vision
  • Explore your motivations for change – your “why”
  • Identify what knowledge, strengths, and resources you have 
  • Zone in on an action step
  • Create a SMART goal (fun, easy homework)
  • Review Takeaways to Encourage Learning & Growth 
  • Follow up with resources or referrals
  • Develop an Accountability Plan

You can work with your coach to decide on the cadence of sessions (weekly, monthly, etc.) based on your needs.