Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do I have a specific wellness area I want to focus on? (i.e. exercise, stress, sleep, happy relationships, energy management, etc.)
  • Is this the right time to dedicate myself to making a change? If not, when will the time be right? 
  • How urgent or important is it that I make this change? (i.e. are there serious health repercussions to not making a change?)

If you have an area you want to focus on, you are probably a good candidate for coaching! If it’s not the right time, be realistic with yourself about when it will be. 

If you need help processing any of the above questions, consider a one-time session with a coach to help you decide if coaching is right for you!

Remember —- your team at Diana Health is here for you and your well-being is our priority! We welcome your feedback as we work to refine our coaching and education offerings.